Chapter Meeting Aug 11 2018

We started off yesterday with a great start by meeting up with Bill A, Matt H,Terri O, Ray G, David R, and Matt’s girlfriend Terri at the BP station. After greeting
each other and fueling up the old Iron Horses we saddled up and headed off to Butts and Barley Smokehouse. Although the clouds were a little threatening it
turned out to be a beautiful day for a ride and meeting. A total of twelve members and friends were in attendance. Also joining us was our newest member Ray Goodie
and a prospective new member, Doug Beck who is a Deputy for Forsyth County Sheriff Department. This brought our total attendance at this meeting to fifteen!
This was outstanding!!! Randy Hecht blessed our meal and we had a great lunch. After filling our bellies with some good BBQ our meeting was called to order.
The following items of business was discussed:
1. Prospective new member Doug Beck was introduced to our members
2. The recent vacancy of the VP seat in the chapter by the resignation of Steve Bailey. (Nominations for a new VP will be announced in the future)
3. Special Guest speaker for next months meeting, Blue Knights state representative Mike Shockley
4. New Recruitment Blue Knights Business Cards (Cards should be ready by next months meeting)
5. Update from Web Master David Booth on current status of our web site and face book: (Currently as it stands the old face book pages will remain in place. Per David, a new
    face book page will have to be built) This will take some time to accomplish but David will keep us up to date with the progress.
6. Information on new style Blue Knights T-Shirts, Doo Rags and Visor’s by Pat Moeser Tenn. Chapter VI (I will send out a price sheet to all members and have a order sheet
    prepared at our next meeting for those of you that would like to place an order. NOTE: Mark Howell informed me that he has ordered this type shirt from Pat, and would bring one
    to our meeting to give us a more visual of what the shirts look like. Thanks Mark!
7. The Charity ride sponsored by the Wingman M/C Club of Dawsonville and our Blue Knight Logo being displayed on a banner, cost for banner $100.00.
     (A vote was brought to the table on this matter. Results of vote as follows:
    The Blue Knight Logo was voted down by members
    To attend the Charity Ride with the Wingmen M/C was voted in by members (Date of ride will be Sept. 29th)
The meeting was adjourned and we all went our separate ways to enjoy the rest of the beautiful day!
In closing, I would like to say as I looked back at all the Motorcycle headlights in my rear-view mirror it gave me the greatest feeling that “we” as a club are on our way back to being a new and better
Motorcycle Family. As you know, our club has taken some pretty hard licks in the past few years with the lost of members and dear friends along with other members having accidents and serious illnesses
and other members that just moved out of state. I feel that with the new recruitment plan in place, we will attract new members, and as a result will pump new life into our Chapter. This is a great chapter and we
have some of the greatest members of any chapter around. I, as your new president will work tirelessly to continue to rebuild our Family of Blue Knights to the level of fellowship we all once enjoyed and to make
riding Motorcycles fun again!