Chapter Meeting September 8, 2018

Sept 8, 2018 Meeting

We had a total of 10 Members and guest attend our Sept. Meeting held at the Butts and Barley Smokehouse in Canton. Though it was still hot, It turned out to be a beautiful day for the
meeting and I got to check out how good the reverse on my Goldwing actually worked on gravel! We all gathered in the parking lot but quickly decided to move inside out of the sun and grab some AC.
We all pulled up a chair at the table and left a good spot open for our Secretary/Treasure Tom S. who was fashionably late. After some good fellowship and talk among us, Tom made his grand
appearance and was greeted with a well deserved applaud from the crowd! Smile I said the blessing and we had a great meal of BBQ and all the dressings. The meeting was called to order and after going
over our Club business for the month we turned the floor over to our Guest Speaker Mike Shockley, President BK Ga. XI and North Georgia State Representative. Mike shared with us some valuable idea’s
on how we can work together on rebuilding our club and getting new members interested in joining the Blue Knights. We will go over some of these pointers at the next meeting. One idea he suggested
for increasing our club funds was a 50/50 drawing at each meeting. This sounds like a great idea. Hopefully we can vote on this at our Oct. Meeting and put it in place at this time. After Mike answered
some questions the meeting was adjourned and we all saddled up had headed our separate ways. It was good to have Mike visit us as our Guest speaker and we will welcome him back every chance he gets.

One last note: Matt Hester had suggested a Hooky ride on Friday, Sept. 21st traveling 136 over to Hwy 183 over the mountain to Jasper, eat lunch and make a big loop and back. We will meet at the
Race Trac on Ga. 400 in Dawsonville at 9:00 AM. Please let me know if your interested in Joining Matt and I on this ride in the Mountains!
As you all know, traditionally the last weekend in Oct. we would make the Iron Horse ride to close out the riding season. John & Charlene Powell have always been kind enough to waive the two night minimum
stay for our club in order for us to make a over night ride of the trip. If your interested in this Iron Horse ride, please let me know ASAP so I can start working out the details.
Also any suggestions on the Oct. Meeting Location? (Breakfast or Lunch)

Until Next Time,
If You Ride, Ride With Pride (And Be Safe)

Frank Goss,

President Blue Knights Ga. Chapter VI