Heroes Ride

Good morning to all:
Our Heroes for Heroes ride started out by meeting three of our chapter members, Matt H and his daughter. David B and Frank G. at the Chevron Station at the end of Ga. 400 in Dahlonega.
Also riding as guest of Matt were two potential new members from the Dawson Co. Sheriff Dept. It was a great day for the ride, and as we all found out, a great morning to be wearing chaps
and leather jackets. I don’t know the exact temperature but we’ll just say it was Crisp! After gassing up the old iron horses and putting a little air in Matt’s tire we struck out for Malinda’s Country
Kitchen in Athens where we hooked up with Mike Shockley, Blue Knights President of Ga. XI and some members from his chapter for breakfast. After filling our bellies and greeting the other members
we saddled up and rode a short distance down the road to Cycle World of Athens where we met other Blue Knights members from other chapters. Some of us bought T-Shirts and purchased tickets for
some door prizes. At 11:00 everyone saddled up and began our ride to the Walk of Heroes Veterans Memorial Park in Conyers Ga. A total of 35 motorcycles were escorted by local LE agency’s to the
Memorial Park. Upon arrival each rider that had received a photo of a fallen Law Enforcement Officer from Georgia read his name, agency, DOD and COD. This was very emotional and sobering to
have a photo of a fallen Officer and to hear how many have died from gun shots. We then hear from a number of speakers. After which we were served a great meal of BBQ with all the sides furnished by
C.O.P.S (Concerns of Police Survivors). After touring the Memorial Park and taking some photo’s we all began to saddle up and head out our separate ways home. As I said we “All” saddled up to head home.
“All” the Harley Davidsons and me on my “HONDA GOLDWING”. Well you might know, all the Harley’s started up. My Goldwing just made a clicking noise when I hit the start button. Thanks to the help of
our chapter members and other Harley riders I was able to turn my Goldwing around and get it started by rolling it down hill. Thanks Guys!!! And of coarse this part of the story would not be complete if one of
the “Harley Davidson” riders hadn’t rode by and said and I quote, “THAT WOULDN’T HAPPEN IF YOU WERE RIDING A HARLEY”. As we all know if I were on a Harley I would have heard the same thing from a
Goldwing rider. As all Motorcycle riders know, it’s all in fun!!! Oh yea! I might mention the Harley rider making the above “Harley Davidson statement was also one of the guys helping me get my Goldwing
started. Many thanks to this unidentified “HARLEY RIDER”. I am pleased to announce I had no further problems for the rest of the trip. As a foot note this was a very important and worthy cause for a MC ride
honoring the fallen Officer’s and supporting the survivors. For those who missed out on this ride I would encouraged you to try to be a part of the Heroes for Heroes ride next year. As Law Enforcement Officer’s,
both active and retired, we have all attended to many funeral’s of our fallen brothers in blue. Until next time,

If you ride, Ride with Pride and be safe!

Frank Goss

President Georgia Blue Knights Chapter VI