Ronald McDonald House!!

The Ronald McDonald House cookout was a “GREAT” success due to the hard work of each and everyone who donated their time and money to this cause. 8 members and 3
Motorcycles arrived at the RMDH at which time we were greeted by Jessica P. the Services Manager.

After unloading the Hotdogs, Hamburgers and getting set up in the kitchen we had some extra time to relax and take some pics of “our BK kids” playing in the Teddy Bear pile! boy were the “Girls” having fun!!! We were later given the grand tour of the RMDH by “Howard” who did a great job in showing us around and giving us the history of how the Ronald McDonald house got it start from the beginning to the present time. He shared some heart felt stories of some of the family’s that had gone thru the facility.

After the tour we all took our places in the kitchen and at the grill, where our Grill Master David B did a fantastic job of cooking a ton of Hotdogs and Hamburgers.
We had planned to serve 40-45 Parents and Kids although we did not get an exact count of how many were served I feel safe in saying we hit this mark with no problem.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the meal that was prepared for them and were very appreciative. After everyone was served, the cleanup began. As we were leaving two family’s showed up after the food had been put away but were taken care of just the same.

I want to take this time to thank Barbra H, Terry H, and Laurie for doing such a great job in the kitchen and helping guide us men through the kitchen detail. We all gathered in the parking lot for some more small talk then went our separate ways. Again thanks to all the BK brothers and sisters for making this event a great success! Until next time,